First Light Prayers for World Peace New Year’s Day

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Karma Thegsum Choling Jacksonville invites you to join us for our annual First Light Prayers for World Peace in our new home on New Years Day, Monday, January 1st 2024 at 10:30am.

We continue a tradition that began in 2000 with the aspiration of bringing peace into our daily lives and to the world. Part of His Holiness Karmapas’ activity is to point the way to living a life of love and compassion, to teach us to protect our environment and to provide the light of wisdom. Lamp offerings have special meaning in this regard: shining the light on our inner wisdom and reminding us of the clear path to living each day to create a life of peace.

We invite you to light your lamps of peace — to join in our offering and prayers to help the light of wisdom reach all corners of the world.

Together we celebrate First Light with KTD Monastery, other KTC Centers, and Buddhist communities around the world. Let us together make aspirations, dedications, offerings, and prayers for World Peace and happiness to reach all corners of the world. We will chant the traditional Tibetan Buddhist prayers of the Amitabha sadhana, followed by a lamp offering ceremony dedicated to those we may wish to remember who have passed away, those who are ill, and all beings who may suffer. Each participant will have the opportunity to light a candle for his or her own loved ones, make aspirations, or offer prayers.

First Light is also an auspicious occasion to renew our commitment to practice for the benefit of all sentient beings & to make offerings to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas as represented by our shrine. Making offerings to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas is considered highly meritorious and an effective way of removing obstacles. Participants are encouraged to bring individual offerings: particularly flowers, fruit, sweets, baked treats, or monetary offerings. This too is considered especially meritorious. We ask that those bringing offerings please try to arrive around 9:30 am in order for offerings to be placed and the shrine properly prepared by volunteer shrinekeepers.

Following the ceremony we will hold a vegetarian potluck luncheon to which all are welcome. Please feel free to bring a vegetarian dish of your choice. You do not have to be Buddhist to attend. We welcome all interested in learning more about Buddhism.

If you would like to attend on zoom use the following link:

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