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Message from Lama Losang

Namaste to all my friends!

Happy Saga Dawa Duchen! This is celebrated all month from the new moon on May 30 to the new moon June 29. However, with the full moon on Tuesday, June 14, Buddhists around the world will be celebrating the most important day in the Tibetan lunar calendar. It commemorates the birth, enlightenment and paranirvana (passing away), of our blessed teacher Shakyamuni Buddha, who lived and taught more than 2500 years ago. Although he is no longer among us in his physical form, his teaching on love and compassion still remain. This time is also called “Bumgyur Dawa, which means “100,000 multiplying month” because our virtuous and unvirtuous actions are said to be multiplied 100,000 times. With that in mind, during this month of June, practice loving kindness and compassion and avoid unskillful action in body, speech and mind.

May all be auspicious for you!

Saga Dawa Teaching and Soft Opening June 25th

Life of the Buddha Teaching by Lama Losang

As we take part in the auspicious time of Saga Dawa Duchen and to celebrate KTC Jacksonville’s 37th anniversary, Lama Losang has offered to give a teaching on the Life of the Buddha at our new center from 10:00am-12:00pm, Saturday June 25th. There will be limited capacity of 20 seats available as we work up to a complete re-opening. We are asking all those who wish to attend to RSVP in advance. The teaching will also be streamed via zoom for those who wish to attend from home.

For those who wish to receive Refuge, the ceremony will be given following lunch. Please e-mail info@ktcax.org RSVP for taking Refuge.

As covid levels have risen in the community in an act of loving kindness we suggest that all who attend wear masks for the benefit of those who are immunocompromised. We hope to announce regular practice in the coming weeks as we work to get our new home completely open for regular practice.

$20 suggested donation, scholarships available by e-mailing info@ktcjax.org

RSVP In Person:


RSVP Online Zoom:


Schedule Cancellation June 11 and 14th

We will be unable to host practice on Saturday morning June 11 and Tuesday evening 14th. We are encouraging everyone to attend Gainesville KTCs excellent online teaching with Khenpo Tenkyong “Foundation of Dream Yoga and Meditation” June 11-12th.

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