Buddha Nature: Public Talk by Khenpo Ugyen

Saturday and Sunday December 14th & 15thAmitabha Weekend Teaching Retreat and Empowerment


Amitabha the “Buddha of Boundless Light”, is associated with longevity and the accumulation of merit, the cause to be reborn in his Pure Realm. Khenpo Ugyen will explain the concepts of this core practice that is done every Saturday at our center and help us deepen our understanding of this profound prayer. Having the teaching, empowerment and reading transmission are important steps to practicing these teachings in their entirety and we are very happy Khenpo Ugyen is willing share these with us this weekend. 
Saturday, December 14th10:00am-12pm: Teaching 12pm-2pm: Lunch Break & Interviews
2pm-4pm: Teaching 
6:30p Arrival for Refuge Ceremony7:00p Refuge Ceremony and Amitabha EmpowermentPlease let any board member know if you are interested in taking Refuge so we can have a count. Please bring a small gift and Kata offering. Location: KTC JAX

Sunday, December 15th
10am-12pm: Teaching
12pm-3pm: Lunch Break & Interviews & Raffle Drawing
3pm-5pm: Teaching & Closing RemarksLocation: KTC JAX

It is important to take part in as much of the teaching as one can before practicing this Vajrayana practice on ones own.$80 for entire weekend$25 per sessionMembers receive a 10% discount on teachingsNo one will ever be turned away from teachings for ability

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